Helium Balloon Chart

Gas capacity and balloons per helium tank figures are estimates. Actual yield may vary 10% or more. Lift ability figures are calculated at standard temperature and pressure at sea level. Actual results will vary greatly with inflation size measurement procedures and accuracy temperature, elevation and atmospheric conditions.

Party Equipment Instructions

Canopy Tent Installation Instructions

Did you just rent a Canopy Tent from us? Here's how to install it!

Tentwares Dimmer Spec Sheet

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Pole Tent Layout & Squaring Matrix

Click the image to the left to view our Pole Tent Layout & Squaring Matrix Sheet.

Paper or Nylon Lantern Recommendations

The quantity of lanterns suggested here can apply to almost all styles and brands of tents. Click on the image to the left to open our Lantern Recommendations Sheet.

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Used Equipment Sale

10/29 through 3/31/19
Many items are available for purchase! Backhoes, light tower, stump grinder, paint sprayers, inflatable bounce houses and slides, charcoal grills and much more!