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Manual Floor Nailer

  • Manufacturer: Porta-Nails, Inc.
  • SKU: 128360
  • Model Number: Porta-Nailer 41O

The Porta Nailer Pro (410) manual flooring nailer will blind nail 5/8” and 3/4” Domestic Hardwood Flooring. The 410 can be used for 9/16” and 33/32”. Multi-hit functionality minimizes installer fatigue and insures greater impact and floor tightness. The 410 Nailer can use T style 16 gauge barbed flooring cleat nails in lengths of (T Nails: 2”, 1-1/2” and 1-3/16”) . The Porta Nailer Pro uses an integrated bypass pusher system and delivers extra protection to Pre Finished Floors with a Shoe Base System that position in front and on top of the flooring for perfect tool balance and protection of the top flooring edge. Made in the USA.

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• Ratcheting Ram Allows For Single Or Multi Hit • Nailer Shoe Positions In Front Of The Flooring Tongue • Improves Tool Balance By Resting On The Subfloor • Lightweight And Easy To Use •  Made in the USA