Make Every Gathering an Affair to Remember

Monthly tips about your events from Marc Deaton, Director of Sales and Event Planning

Make Every Gathering an Affair to Remember

We all have fond memories of planning our wedding, or that great 25th Anniversary, or the special Bridal or Baby Showers.  We go all out and hire a venue, a beautiful church or park, or we re-landscape our back yard.  We hire caterers and florists and spend a fortune on a cake!  We rent a tent, china, glasses and linens.  It becomes an epic memory of what an event is supposed to be...it is engraved in our minds for all time. 

But what about those times when you want to simply entertain family and friends? It could be Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter or Passover, or simply a birthday party or maybe just a casual dinner party?  You want to have a beautiful event, but you don’t want to break the bank, or your back...I can’t tell you how many times I have sat down at a celebration that I have prepared by myself, completely exhausted.  I will say to myself, if only I hadn’t insisted on doing everything myself I would be able to relax and enjoy the party with my guests.

Many people don’t go all out to entertain because they don’t think they have the time.  Or maybe they are fearful that they won’t have the budget. 

There are many ways to make a small gathering a unique and beautiful celebration without spending all your “waking hours” doing it. 

Here are some ways to make a small intimate gathering an Affair to Remember! 

My Mother told me that the most important part of making an event memorable is candles, linens and flowers.  I think that those elements are so important.  It can turn a simple setting into an intimate and beautiful environment.

You don’t always need a formal arrangement from a florist, while florists bring a level of expertise, and it is a wonderful luxury, but on your own you can think out of the box for your intimate event .

Go to a garden center or a grocery store and get small plants, or cut flowers, which you can arrange in a simple vessel.  They can be beautiful and inexpensive. 

Candles can be purchased very reasonably, and you don’t have to always have tall tapers and elaborate candlesticks, you can use small glasses to hold inexpensive votives or tea lights.  Or buy mason jars at the grocery store.

But did you know you could rent candlesticks? We have a beautiful assortment of candlesticks for rent.  It can be that wonderful centerpiece.  

You worry that you won’t have enough dishes, glasses and linens for your guests?   Even Mason Jars! Rent them!

I have a bad addiction to china and glassware, yet with many of my events I will rent from Taylor Rental all that I need, so that I don’t have to hassle with washing them and possible breakage of my best wares, but more importantly I can create a whole theme and I don’t have to buy a bunch of things that I may not use often! 

Your venue is so important, whether in your dining room or your deck, but you can also be whimsical and be in a garden, or a park.  Worry that your food can’t be kept warm?   We have all the equipment you could possibly need, and all very reasonably priced. We have chafing dishes, warming ovens, and of course tents of all sizes in case the weather takes a turn, or you just want an intimate ambiance created. 

Make your simple evening with friends and family into a sumptuous affair with a simple menu, a great venue and with all the trimmings from Taylor Rental Party Plus. We now offer a full service event planning consultation for your events large or small.  We have locations in Orange, Branford and Monroe.

Give us a call or send me an email and I will work out all of your event needs! marc@taylor-rentals.com

 Please stay tuned for more tips on entertaining and event planning.