Avoiding Bugs, Rain and Other Party Pests

Avoiding Bugs, Rain and Other Party Pests

A major problem that is common amongst all outdoor parties and events are bugs and pests. Bugs are a big ‘no no’ in any situation and during the summer they are out in full force. They’re absolutely everywhere! Ants, crickets, mosquitoes, and other random pest are all around us. They’re hidden in our yards, our garages, and probably somewhere underneath one of the kids’ bed.

To avoid West Nile, slapping your leg constantly, and scratching while having a glass or plate in your hand, take these steps to block bugs from entering the party. The best way to tackle those pests is to rent lanterns, citronella oil holders, bug lights, bug zappers, or netting to prevent them from bothering your guests. Lanterns, lights, and zappers come in all shapes and sizes and can really add a lot to the décor of your party on top of keeping the bugs out. Most lanterns are easy to set up and can be placed all around the yard to create a radius of protection for you and your guests. Refilling them with oil is easy to do and once you are finished you can return them back to your rental dealer. Instead of a citronella lantern, you should also consider using a portable, cordless butane powered lantern. These devices emit repellent into the air thus keeping mosquitoes, no-see-ums, and black flies away. These are safe and very easy to use and come in different styles. Zappers are really great for all bugs that aren’t included in the mosquito or fly territory. You can place them near certain entrances and they will work like a charm. Don’t hesitate to talk to your dealer about obtaining the extra cabling you might need to fully set them up.

If you’re throwing a big party or a large event outdoors, looking into renting insect traps or a misting system. Misting systems are great and highly effective. They are generally used with botanical pyrethrum orpermethrin which are low risk, low toxicity substances that are safe on animals and humans, but will repel bugs entirely. Misting system commonly come in tankless or drum-based variations. However, there are other options available such as portable, lightweight foggers that can be used for smaller areas of your party. Misting systems are great, but I highly recommend renting one to save money. There’s no need to own one unless you host events frequently in areas where bugs can be a problem. The other option is to rent mosquito traps. Mosquito traps work differently than citronella candles. While citronella candles or coils mask the CO2 we breathe out to keep mosquitoes away, these traps emit CO2 to lure them in.  Once lured in, the mosquitos become trapped in a bag where they eventually dry out and die.

Don’t shy away from renting other items such as fans and tents to further protect your guests from bugs and bad weather. Also, look around your yard and rent the necessary tools to clean and treat any areas where bugs may be lingering and should be removed. Bugs shouldn’t ruin anyone’s day and it shouldn’t cost you lots of money or time to remove them from your event. Call you local rental dealer today to discuss the options of renting any of these items for your next party.